Mac Receiver Launches Application and Closes Abruptly

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Symptoms or Error

User is unable to log on from a MacBook using the Citrix Receiver for Mac. The session opens and eventually disappears without any error message. 


Complete the following steps:
  1. Find the System Preferences Icon on the toolbar.

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  2. Open the Sharing folder in the System Preferences option.
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  3. Check the Computer Name field. If it is blank, type a computer name for the machine so that a license can be assigned to it.

    User-added image

The session opens successfully from a MacBook using the Citrix Receiver for Mac.

Problem Cause

Because the Mac devices do not have a registry like Windows devices, a license needs to be issued to the client devices name. If the device does not have a name, it cannot be issued a license. It attempts to assign a license to a null value, and the session drops.

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