To enable or disable maintenance mode

If you want to temporarily stop connections to a desktop so that maintenance tasks can be carried out, put the desktop into maintenance mode. You can perform this task on desktop groups as well as individual desktops.

Putting a desktop into maintenance mode lets you perform administrative tasks on the associated image, such as applying patches and upgrades using your image management tools.

XenDesktop has no control over desktops in maintenance mode. No user can log on to a desktop in this state. If a user is already logged on, maintenance mode takes effect as soon as they log off. If a user tries to connect to a desktop in a private desktop group while the desktop is in maintenance mode, a message appears telling them that it is currently unavailable and to try reconnecting.

XenDesktop regains control over the desktops when you take them out of maintenance mode.

  1. In Desktop Studio, do one of the following:
    • To locate individual desktops, use Search, or select a desktop group and click View machines
    • To locate a desktop group, select the Assignments node
  2. Select the desktop or desktop group and click Enable maintenance mode or Disable maintenance mode.

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