To create a vDisk

  1. In the Provisioning Services Console, right-click the Stores folder and select Create store.
  2. Select the General tab and specify a name and, optionally, a description for the new store.
  3. Select the Paths tab and specify the path for the new store. This can be a local drive on the machine running Provisioning Services or a network share.
  4. Click the Servers tab and select a site from the list. Select the relevant server under Servers that provide this store and click OK.
  5. In the left pane of the console, right-click the new store you just created and select Create vDisk.
  6. In the Create vDisk dialog box, specify the requested values and click Create vDisk.

    If you intend to use the XenDesktop Setup Wizard, your vDisk name and description must contain only standard, printable ANSI characters.

    The Vdisk size should match the VM disk size.

  7. Enable Active Directory machine account password management by editing the properties of the vDisk you have just created.
  8. Enable automatic password management on the server.
  9. In the details pane of the console, right-click the new disk you created and select Mount vDisk.
    1. On the Provisioning Services machine, open the My Computer folder (the Computer folder on Windows Vista).
    2. Under Devices with Removable Storage, right-click the entry for removable disk and select Format.
    3. Format the vDisk as an NTFS disk.
      Caution: Format only the removable disk. Do not format any drive listed in the Hard Disk Drives section.
  10. In the details pane of the Provisioning Services Console, right-click your new vDisk and select Unmount vDisk.

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