Remote PC

Remote PC is part of XenDesktop's FlexCast delivery technology.

Remote PC allows an end user to log on remotely to the physical PC in his or her office from virtually anywhere. The Citrix XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent on the office PC enables it to register with the XenDesktop Controller and manages the HDX connection between the machine and end user client devices. The Citrix Receiver running on the client device provides access to all of the applications and data on the office PC.

A user may have multiple desktops, including more than one physical PC or a combination of physical PCs and virtual desktops.

Benefits of Remote PC include:

  • Rapid deployment of desktop virtualization
    • Accelerated desktop transformation from physical PCs to virtual desktops.
    • Quick and easy configuration.
    • Automatic assignment of machines to catalogs and desktop groups.
  • Enhanced security and performance
    • No VPN tunneling required.
    • Authentication takes place through an on-premises broker, the XenDesktop Controller.
    • Excellent display protocol performance with HDX.
    • Host monitor blanking during remote access.
  • Improved user experience
    • Access the office PC from anywhere, using virtually any device.
    • No need to know the IP address or computer name of the office PC.
    • No need to authenticate twice (as with VPN and other solutions).
    • Experience local behavior (end-to-end HDX) while remotely connected to the office PC.
    • A single user can be assigned to multiple desktops.
    • Multiple users can be assigned to a single desktop.

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