Management Consoles and Other Tools

Updated: 2012-11-15

Citrix provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing servers, farms, published resources, and connections.

You can launch all tools by accessing the Citrix program group on the Start menu.

Citrix AppCenter

The AppCenter (formerly Delivery Services Console) is a tool that snaps into the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and enables you to perform a number of management functions.

For XenApp, you can set up and monitor servers, server farms, published resources, and sessions. Configure application access (both through the Web Interface and the Citrix Online Plug-in) and set up policies and printers.

In addition, you can manage load balancing, troubleshoot alerts, diagnose problems in your farms, view hotfix information for your Citrix products, and track administrative changes.

My Views are configurable displays that give you quick access to items you must examine regularly or items in different parts of the AppCenter tree that you want to group together. For example, create a My View display to monitor your preferred performance data for two sets of servers in different server farms. The performance-related information in a My View display is refreshed at regular intervals.

With Hotfix Management, check which hotfixes are applicable to your Citrix products, search for particular updates on your system, and identify servers where up-to-date hotfixes must be applied. In the left pane of the AppCenter, select Citrix Resources > Configuration Tools > Hotfix Management.

If your deployment includes multiple XenApp farms (such as one farm comprising servers running the latest version of XenApp, and another farm comprising servers running a legacy version of XenApp), you can use one MMC console that has separate AppCenter snap-ins to manage each farm.

License Administration Console

Use this console to manage and track Citrix software licenses. For more information about licensing, see the License Administration console Help and Getting Started with Citrix Licensing in Licensing Your Product.

Citrix SSL Relay Configuration Tool

Use this tool to secure communication between a server running the Web Interface and your farm.

Shadow Taskbar

Shadowing allows users to view and control other users’ sessions remotely. Use the Shadow Taskbar to shadow sessions and to switch among multiple shadowed sessions. You can also shadow ICA sessions with the AppCenter.

SpeedScreen Latency Reduction Manager

Use this tool to configure local text echo and other features that improve the user experience on slow networks.

XenApp Troubleshooting Tools

Citrix Auto Support is a free online troubleshooting platform for your Citrix environment. Citrix Auto Support quickly analyzes your log files, profiles your environment, and scans for known issues, providing customized advice for a solution. Access Citrix Auto Support here to upload your log files.

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