To configure user access to applications

Choose the user accounts that can access applications through the Users page of the Publish Application wizard. To modify user accounts, from the Action menu, select Application properties and then select Users.

Before you publish resources, consider how the configuration of user accounts can affect their access, including anonymous access and explicit (configured) user account access.

Note: As a best practice, use groups for unique roles to categorize and assign permissions to large numbers of users. An application published to one group of 1,000 users requires the validation of only one object for all 1,000 users. That same application published to 1,000 individual user accounts requires the validation of 1,000 objects.
  1. Select how to configure user accounts:
    • Select Allow anonymous users to let all users log on anonymously and start the streamed application without specifying a user name, domain name, and password (selected by default). This selection disables the remaining options on the page.
    • Select Allow only configured users to allow only configured users to start the application. For example, select this option for all streamed applications.
      Selecting this option enables the Select directory type drop-down list, which allows you to configure the users for this application. You can configure the list later in the application properties.
      Note: Streamed applications do not support anonymous users. Additionally, if you enable the streamed application for offline access, these options are not shown.
  2. Use the Select directory type drop-down box to select either Citrix User Selector or Operating System User Selector.
  3. Click Add.

    If you selected Citrix User Selector, complete the following tasks in the Select Users or Groups dialog box:

    • Select your account authority from the Look in drop-down list. The drop-down list contains all trusted account authorities configured on the servers in the farm. These include Novell Domain Services for Windows (NDSfW) domains, Windows NT domains, Active Directory domains, and local servers. (NDSfW domains appear only if previously configured.) When you select an account authority, the user accounts that are part of the selected authority appear in the window below the drop-down list. By default, only user groups appear.
    • Select Show users to display all user names in the selected domain. This option displays every user in the selected domain. For NDS, alias objects also appear. The user accounts you select are listed in Configured users.
      Tip: Instead of selecting names from the list, type them in a text box. To do this, click Add List of Names and use semicolons (;) to separate names.
    If you selected Operating System User Selector, use the standard Windows dialog box to select your user or group.
    Note: This option has several limitations. You can browse only account authorities and select users and groups that are accessible from the computer running the console. In addition, you might initially select users and groups outside the trust intersection of the farm, which causes errors later. Other limitations include the inability to add NDS users and groups.

The list of user accounts is added to the Configured Accounts list. Changes take effect the next time the user launches the application.

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