Configuring the Citrix XML Service Port

XenApp uses the Citrix XML Service to supply the Web Interface server and its connecting clients with the names of applications available in a farm. By default, Internet Information Services (IIS) uses port 80 for HTTP traffic and port 443 for HTTPS traffic, if configured.

Important: All servers in the farm must use the same TCP port for the Citrix XML Service.
This page has the following options:
Option Description
Share default TCP/IP port with Internet Information Services (default) The XML Service and IIS use the same port for communications. This option requires the Web Interface be installed before running XenApp Setup.
Use a separate port Opens a different port number on the XenApp server for XML Service communications with the Web Interface and the clients.

Make sure other applications do not use the port number. For a list of ports in use, type netstat -a at a command prompt. Configure Web Interface servers (and any clients connecting to it) to use the new port number.

Select the port sharing option if:
  • You plan to send data to the Web Interface over a secure HTTP connection using SSL. You can run the Citrix XML service over port 443 using SSL in two ways:
    • Configure IIS for HTTPS traffic on port 443.
    • Configure SSL relay on port 443. It does not matter whether you choose port sharing or not.
  • The Web Interface and XenApp are installed on the same server.
  • The Web Interface and the Citrix XML Service are installed on the same server.
Select the separate port option if:
  • You want to install the Citrix XML Service on a dedicated XML server
  • You do not want the Citrix XML Service to share the TCP port with IIS

If you want to change the Citrix XML Service port after installation, you must do it manually; there is no option on the Server Properties > XML Service page.

For more information, see Planning for the Web Interface and XML Broker,

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