Monitoring and Managing SSL Certificates Configured on NetScaler Devices

Updated: 2012-05-08

Command Center provides a centralized view of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates installed across all managed NetScaler devices. To manage SSL certificates, you need to ensure that certificate management is enabled. Then, you can view the current status of the certificates, and configure Command Center to update the status at regular intervals.

To prevent server downtime from expired SSL certificates, you can set severity levels, which will generate events when severity levels are met. You can configure these events to notify you when a certificate is about to expire. You can then generate Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) and update the certificates from Command Center.

Use the Audit Trail option to view the status of certificates that are updated. You can also download the certificates and the corresponding key pair to your local system.

Note: Command Center supports the certificate management feature for NetScaler releases 7.0.52 and later.

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