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Archive: How to Improve Sound Quality in Web Interface

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  • Created On  May 01, 2009
  • Updated On  May 01, 2009
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This article is no longer maintained, its content refers to a discontinued product and may be out of date. Refer to the Discontinued Product Lifecycle or Active Citrix Product pages for more information on support schedules.


This article describes how to improve sound quality in Web Interface.


This applies to Web Interface versions 4.0 through 5.1.1.


Citrix XenApp offers you a variety of tools to manage and control the availability of sound in client sessions, both in terms of quality and cost in resources, including:

• Audio properties you configure for individual published applications

• Audio related policies and settings you configure for specific connections types

• Audio settings the user configures on the client device

Audio can be enabled on the clients and on the XenApp servers. For more information on enabling audio support on the XenApp servers, refer to the XenApp Administration Guide.

For users connecting in through Web Interface, you can configure the Web Interface to allow users to choose the sound quality.

Alternatively, you can enforce the sound quality in the ICA override file default.ica, which is located in the conf folder, if they choose not to make the option available for users through the Web Interface site.


1. To give users the ability to choose their sound quality, perform the following steps:

    a. On the Web Interface server, open the Access Management Console and select the Web interface.

    b. Under Common Tasks, click on Manage session preferences to configure session preferences for users.

    c. Under Remote Connection, select Connection Performance and select Allow users to customize audio quality.

Now, when users visit the Web Interface site, they can change their audio quality settings by clicking on the Preferences tab at the top of the Web Interface site and choosing the Session Settings option, which take them to the Session Settings page.

From the Session Settings page, in the Performance section, the drop-down list allows a user to change their sound quality preference (No preference, Off, Low quality, Medium quality and High quality).

2. To give users the ability to choose their sound quality, perform the following steps

    a. One the Web Interface server, navigate to <systemroot>\Inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\XenApp\conf

    b. Open the default.ica file in Notepad or Wordpad.

    c. Underneath the Application section, insert one of the following lines

      Note: 0 means High quality
      1 means Medium quality
      2 means Low quality
      -1 means Off

More Information

For more information, reference the Web Interface and XenApp Administration Guides

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