How to Detect a MetaFrame Presentation Server Client Version

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There are several methods for checking the Client version.

From the Client Side

Open the Program Neighborhood, go to the help menu, use the About.

Client-side script to update the Client:

<script language="VBScript">
Function IcaObjVersion()
Dim obj, strVersion
'On Error Resume Next
IcaObjVersion = 0
Set obj = CreateObject("Citrix.ICAClient")
If (Err.number = 0) Then
IcaobjVersion = obj.ClientVersion
Set obj = CreateObject("Wfica.WficaCtl.6")
If (Err.number = 0) Then
IcaobjVersion = obj.ClientVersion

IcaobjVersion = 0
End If
End If
Set obj = Nothing
End Function

Function GetIt()
dim tmp
tmp = IcaObjVersion()
End Function




From the Server Side

While the Client is connected, open the Presentation Server Console and check the build version of the Client.

The date of the Wfica file in the modules is also useful.

From the Access Suite Console

There is a preconfigured report “Client type report” that runs off the Resource Manager summary database. It displays a break down of Client types, such as 32-bit Windows, Macintosh, and so on.

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