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This article is no longer maintained, its content refers to a discontinued product and may be out of date. Refer to the Discontinued Product Lifecycle or Active Citrix Product pages for more information on support schedules.


This article describes how to disable remote logons to a Citrix Presentation Server.


Complete the following steps to disable all remote logons:

  1. Clear the Enable logons to this server check box in the Presentation Server Console under the Properties of each individual server. This disables all logons for users and administrators.


  1. Open the command prompt and issue the following command:
    Change logon /disable

    To know the status of the server from the command line, issue the following command:
    Change logon /query

Note: If the command prompt to disable logons is used, the change is made in the Presentation Server Console.

Complete the following steps to disable logons per protocol:

  1. Open the Citrix Connection Configuration Tool.
  2. Double-click the protocol that must be disabled.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Click Disable.
    : This only disables logons for the protocol that is chosen.

More Information

CTX107149 – [Document Not Found]

CTX107150 – [Document Not Found]

CTX113891 – Logons Are Disabled After a Scheduled Reboot

Installation Manager, after installing a package on a server, enabled logons to that server even if it is manually disabled. This occurred because Installation Manager, by design, disables logons to a server before installing a package and then re-enables them when the installation is complete. However, it ignored the status of the Enable logons to this server option of the MetaFrame Settings server properties page of the Presentation Server Console and enabled logons even if that option was disabled.

This hotfix corrects the issue. From Hotfix MPSE300W2KR02[#100402]

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