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Error: 'App not available. This application was removed from Citrix Receiver'

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  • Created On  Mar 07, 2013
  • Updated On  Feb 04, 2014
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Mobile users running Receiver for Android 3.3.60 and connecting to CloudGateway 2.5/2.6 are unable to launch mobile applications. When the mobile application is downloaded and installed on the Android mobile device, users might receive the following error message when launching the application:

Error: “App Not Available. This application was removed from Citrix Receiver. Delete this app from your device or re-install it using Citrix Receiver”


The issue occurs when IT Administrators define the AppController Display Name with a “.” (period) when specifying the versions in the Edit Delivery Controllers screen:

When the Display Name is defined with a “.” (period), Receiver for Android is unable to check the state of the mobile application. The following HTTP header request/response explains the behavior:

When the user tries to launch the mobile application, Receiver sends this request over to AppController to check the mobile application state:

GET /AGServices/device_check HTTP/1.1

X-Citrix-Device-ID: O1wjH3e2NTpz93q2AJHl7pJ9p2dbRbtuYD7oamw8tAE=

X-Citrix-AppID: Citrix.MPS.Doc.AppController 2.6.MobileApp

Host: ag10e.amc.ctx.

Connection: Keep-Alive

User-Agent: CitrixReceiver/3.3.60 Android/4.2.2 JDQ39 VpnCapable

Accept-Encoding: gzip

AppController responds with the following information:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Connection: Keep-Alive

X-Citrix-App-State: NotFound

Content-Length: 0


One of the workaround is to ensure there are no “.” (periods) defined for the Display Name for AppController.


Note: This issue is not witnessed on Receiver for iOS 5.7.1.

Note: With App Controller 2.8 and later, the WorkHome is required to launch the session and this behavior is no longer applicable.

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