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Archive: How to Add or Remove Users from Local Groups

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This article is no longer maintained, its content refers to a discontinued product and may be out of date. Refer to the Discontinued Product Lifecycle or Active Citrix Product pages for more information on support schedules.

Adding or Removing Users from Local Groups

After you add users, you can add them to local groups. Adding users to groups allows you to handle large numbers of users with a single action, such as assigning all members of the sales force the same virtual machine and the same virtual applications, without having to remember which users are in the sales force each time.

Local groups are defined on XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer, and have no application outside XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer.

Groups (OU) defined in Active Directory, where your organization may have already organized the users, are imported from Active Directory. XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer supports both Active Directory users and groups, and local users and local groups in the XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer database.  See Configuring Active Directory and Importing Users and Groups from Active Directory for more information.

When a user has been assigned a VM as a result of their group membership, removing them from their group removes their VM assignment. See Unassigning a Virtual Machine for more information.

To add or remove users to a local group:

  1. Log into XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer, and click Users > Groups in the navigation panel.
  2. Select the group you want to change.

All users are listed. Users that are members of the group are listed first with a filled checkbox in the Assign column.

  1. Change the group membership:
  • Fill the checkbox to add a user to the group.
  • Empty the checkbox to remove a user from the group.
  1. Click Save .

User membership in the local group is changed.

  • Members added to a group receive any group assignments for virtual machines, policy, and Virtual Application.
  • Users removed from the group are unassigned, and the virtual machine will be removed from their computer. See Unassigning a Virtual Machine for details.

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