Error:The Citrix Receiver Receives a Corrupt ICA File

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Symptoms or Error

The application launches through the Web Interface and suddenly stops working with the following errors:

  • The error when using Internet Explorer 9 is “The Citrix Receiver receives a corrupt ICA file. The name (<%) is not allowed for a section”.
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  • The error when using Internet Explorer 7 is “An error occurred while trying to access the requested resource”.
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  • When you attempt to open with Mozilla Firefox, no error appears but no application opens.


To resolve this issue add the .ica and .rad application extensions to the mappings in application configuration for the affected Web Interface sites.
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Repair the Web site to resolve this issue. Because repairing the Web site rebuilds these extensions. However, any customizations are lost and must be restored from backup or reconfigured.

Problem Cause

The Application Mapping that allows .ica files to be executed by the .Net Framework might have been removed inadvertently, possibly by propagating a change on the Default Web Site to all child nodes.
If you verify the Application Configuration in Internet Information Services (IIS), then you can notice that the .ica and .rad application extensions are missing.
You can reproduce this issue when changing the Session Timeout parameter in IIS at the default Web site level and when prompted for it, propagating the change to all child nodes.
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