Case Study: ICA Disconnected Session Terminal Service Timeout Settings Not Working

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Problem Definition

A customer was experiencing problems with getting the ICA Disconnected Session Terminal Service timeouts to work in their ICA sessions.

The customer stated to have configured a Citrix policy to have the Disconnected state session log off after 15 minutes, but it is not working. They see sessions staying in disconnected state on the servers and never seem to log off.

The customer was using the default Unfiltered Citrix policy (non-custom) and applying it through the DSC (no Active Directory GPO being used).


XenApp 6.5 Enterprise Edition
Two servers
Windows Server 2008/R1/Service Pack 1
Web Interface 5.4

Troubleshooting Methodology

The Citrix Technical Support Engineer asked the following questions to the customer before troubleshooting the issue:

  1. Do other Citrix policy settings for the default policy appear to be working?
    Not sure.
  2. What are the Active and Disconnected set to under the Session Limits tab in the ICA listener configuration?
    They are both set to Never.
  3. Then the engineer checked whether the customer had these settings enabled in the default Unfiltered Citrix policy and found that the customer had enabled the User setting for Disconnected session timer.
    : This policy is for disconnected sessions when a user has a locked workstation. It determined how long a session can remain locked before it is logged off from its disconnected session.
  4. The engineer then told the customer that as of XenApp 6.0, they must set the disconnected ICA session limit settings - in the ICA listener configuration GUI.
    : While Active and Disconnected session limits are now set under the ICA listener configuration, Idle Session Timeouts are set as a User policy under the Session idle timer setting.


Enable the disconnected ICA session settings in the ICA listener configuration utility.

Additional Information

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