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How to Close Citrix Receiver 4.2.2 on iPad and not Store the Password

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  • Created On  Feb 01, 2011
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This article describes how to close Citrix Receiver 4.2.2 on an iPad and not store the password.


IPad with most recent firmware
Citrix Receiver 4.2.2
Valid URL or IP address to Citrix Web Interface/Citrix Access Gateway
Valid username/Password on Domain with access to published applications
Web Interface version 5.x with Program Neighborhood Agent site created and configured to not save passwords


  1. Click Citrix Receiver.

  1. Enter credentials at initial application launch.

  1. The application is enumerated; click on the “+” to send the application to favorites.

  1. The application is now set on the favorites board.

  1. After the application closes and the session terminates, to close Citrix Receiver, go back to the springboard (home screen) and double-tap the Home button to view application’s in current memory.
  2. Press the “-“ on the Citrix Receiver icon.

After pressing the “-“ Citrix Receiver is removed from memory.

  1. Attempt to relaunch an application from either favorites or from the store, you are challenged to enter credentials.

  1. Ensure Program Neighborhood Agent site from the Web Interface has been set to Not Allow Password Save.

More Information

By design, the Citrix Receiver caches credentials during an active TCP connection through the receiver, not referring to an active session when an application is launched.

The Program Neighborhood Agent site must be configured and set to not allow users to save passwords.

Information on Citrix Receiver can be found at:

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