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The "unable to get a valid app list" Error Message is Displayed when Accessing an Application from an iPhone by using Citrix Receiver

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  • Created On  Jul 11, 2010
  • Updated On  Mar 10, 2012
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The following error message is displayed when users attempt to access the application list from an iPhone by using the Citrix Receiver through Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition:

unable to get a valid app list


This is according to the design of the software.


Disable the Client Choices option in the Global settings of the Citrix Access gateway Enterprise Edition appliance and enable the same in the appropriate Session Profile, as shown in the following screenshot:

Additionally, you must disable the Client Choices option on the Session or Global profile used for iPhone users. The Receiver client cannot handle the Client Choices option. Therefore, the Receiver never proceeds further and does not render the application list.

More Information

Ensure that you configure the Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition appliance and Citrix Receiver for iPhone according to the instructions available in the Reciever and Plug-ins E-Document.

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