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Citrix Quick Launch

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  • Created On  Oct 07, 2009
  • Updated On  Jun 25, 2013
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Created Date: 08/27/2009
Modified Date: 06/19/2013


Citrix Quick Launch has been written to offer some features of the legacy Citrix Program Neighborhood for users of the Citrix Online Plug-in and Citrix Receiver releases. While it will also work with older releases, its purpose is to be used in conjunction with Citrix Online Plug-in version 11.2 and later.

For more information on Program Neighborhood removal, consult CTX121727 - Citrix Program Neighborhood Feature Removal Announcement FAQ

IMPORTANT NOTE! This tool provides you with the ABILITY to create a connection to your Citrix server. Citrix does not supply support for issues or failures when connecting to your farm using connections created with this tool.


  • Version 9.0 or later of the Presentation Server Client/XenApp Plugin for 32-bit Windows is required on the system where the tool is launched.
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

Changes history

From version 3.1 :

    • Introduce configuration of keyboard layout (supports English, French, German, Spanish

    • Bugs fixes

From version 3.0 :

    • Support for additional command line switches

    • Support for 125% text size (large fonts)

    • Bugs fixes

Installing Citrix Quick Launch

  1. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder.

Note: This tool was tested to create ICA sessions against Citrix Presentation Server 4.0, XenApp 4.5, XenApp 5.0 for Windows 2003, XenApp 5.0 for Windows 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit editions), XenApp 6.0 for Windows Server 2008 R2, XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2 and XenDesktop 5.x in HA mode from workstations running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit edition).

While the tool might work with legacy Citrix server releases (such as MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0, MetaFrame XP, MetaFrame 1.x), it has not been fully tested.

How to Use Citrix Quick Launch

When running the Citrix Quick Launch tool, you can specify the server name or IP address. The tool offers a drop-down list where you can select a previous server.

The following actions are then possible:

  1. Click Connect… to initiate an ICA session to this server.
  2. Click Options >> to access additional features.

When the Options button is clicked, the tool offers additional features to configure.

Note: When running on a machine with a Citrix Online Plug-in version 11.2 or later, UDP Browsing has been removed from this release therefore the only browsing protocol available if TCP/IP over HTTP. The XML Service port needs to be specified. More information can be found in CTX123616 - ICA Client Object Changes in the Version 11.2 XenApp Plug-in


The tool offers the possibility to connect directly to the server’s desktop (default setting when the Options are not displayed) or a published application in the farm.

To browse the published applications, the correct browsing mechanism should be selected (refer to the note above for Citrix Online Plug-in version 11.2 and later).

In the case of XML Browsing, make sure the XML Service port is correct.

Note: the option “Launch on this server” (when selecting a published application) will bypass the load balancing mechanism by directly connecting to the XenApp server specified in the “Server” field above.

When a published application is selected, the engine uses seamless mode by default while the ICA session is started in a fixed size window if connecting to a server’s desktop.

Within this General tab, you can launch the ICA session and also save the settings which will create a specific icon for that connection in the Connection tab. It is also possible to generate an ICA file based on the current displayed settings.

    • Using the tool with XenDesktop 5 High Availability Mode

When selecting the XenDesktop 5 option, the below warning is presented :

More information about this mode can be found in CTX127564 - How to Implement High Availability Features in XenDesktop 5

    • Features

Several features can be enabled/disabled from the Session Options tab:

The tool will use the same default settings as Program Neighborhood did. The local drives and printers are available inside the session, based on the configuration of the Citrix Policies.

Note: The Citrix Desktop toolbar (Desktop Viewer) is disabled, by default.

Some SpeedScreen Latency Reduction features can be configured in the SpeedScreen tab.

The hotkeys can be configured in the hotkeys tab :

    • Custom connections

The tool supports the creation of custom connections via the Connection tab

Similar to the Custom ICA Connection settings from Program Neighborhood, you can create, edit, rename and launch connections to different farm, servers and applications. Note: the settings are independent from the other tabs

When the tool is closed, the servers’ names, XML port, username, domain, selected options (such as display resolution, color choice, encryption, modified hotkeys...) are saved in the registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\CitrixQuickLaunch.

Command Line arguments

The Citrix Quick Launch tool supports command line arguments to connect directly to a server or a published application over an ICA session, without displaying the user interface, using default settings for the ICA session.

    • To connect to a server without the user interface, run the command below:
    citrixquicklaunch.exe /s:<servername>

is the name or IP address of your XenApp server
The session initializes inside a 1024x768 window, using 24-bit color depth. Printers and drives are autocreated, based on the configuration of Citrix Policies. No specific encryption setting can be used.

    • To connect to a published application without the user interface, run the command below:
    citrixquicklaunch.exe /s:<servername>:<XMLport> /a:<name of published application>

<servername> is the name or IP address of your XenApp server.
is the XML server port number of the XenApp server (not required if the default TCP 80 port is used)
<name of the published application>
is the name of the published application you wish to connect to. The name does not need to be enclosed within quotation marks. It is important to write carefully the name of the published application, otherwise the ICA session fails to launch.
The published application starts inside a seamless session, using 24-bit color depth. Printers and drives are autocreated, based on the configuration of Citrix Policies. No specific encryption setting can be used.

    • To launch a session using an existing connection, run the command below :
    citrixquicklaunch.exe /q:<connection>


<connection> is the name of a saved connection as displayed in the “Connections” tab

    • To enable passthrough authentication from the command line, run the command below :
    citrixquicklaunch.exe /sso

this switch can be used with any of the above switches.

Troubleshooting Issues with Citrix Quick Launch

If an error occurs, it is possible to run DebugView (from beside Citrix Quick Launch to capture traces.

To enabled tracing with Citrix Quick Launch, please run the tool with the /debug switch.

Security Permissions Required by Citrix Quick Launch

No special permissions required for the user.

Data Modified by Citrix Quick Launch

The server name, xml port, tool closure behavior, selected options, display resolution, username and domain are saved in the user’s hive of the machine where the tool is launched at the below location :


Uninstalling Citrix Citrix Quick Launch

  1. Delete the folder where you unzipped the files.
  2. Delete the following registry key, added by the tool: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\CitrixQuickLaunch

Contact Information

Questions? Concerns? Send any feedback for this tool to


This software application is provided to you "as is" with no representations, warranties or conditions of any kind. You may use and distribute it at your own risk. CITRIX DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, WRITTEN, ORAL OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that (a) the software application may exhibit errors, design flaws or other problems, possibly resulting in loss of data or damage to property; (b) it may not be possible to make the software application fully functional; and (c) Citrix may, without notice or liability to you, cease to make available the current version and/or any future versions of the software application. In no event should the code be used to support of ultra-hazardous activities, including but not limited to life support or blasting activities. NEITHER CITRIX NOR ITS AFFILIATES OR AGENTS WILL BE LIABLE, UNDER BREACH OF CONTRACT OR ANY OTHER THEORY OF LIABILITY, FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER ARISING FROM USE OF THE SOFTWARE APPLICATION, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION DIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. You agree to indemnify and defend Citrix against any and all claims arising from your use, modification or distribution of the code.


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