Error: Outlook is not Currently Your Default Program for E-mail, Calendar and Contacts

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When Microsoft Outlook is streamed to a Windows Server 2008 platform, you see the following message on the initial launch:

“Outlook is not currently your default program for E-mail, Calendar and Contacts.
Would you like to make it the default program?”

If you click OK, you can continue normally to configure and use Outlook. However, each time the User Root radecache is cleared, the message appears again the next time Outlook is launched.

If you click No, the message re-appears on each subsequent launch of Outlook.


This issue occurs when you profile Outlook on a Windows Vista operating system and users stream it to Windows Server 2008. It happens because the profile created on the Windows Vista platform has a compatibility issue while streaming it to a Windows Server 2008 platform.


To prevent this message, make sure the Microsoft Outlook profile includes a specific target for the Windows Server 2008 platform. To do this, you can either create a new profile or update the existing profile.

To create a new profile, install the Streaming Profiler on a Windows Server 2008 workstation and create a new profile for Outlook. The target automatically includes the operating system of the profiling workstation.

Alternatively, to update the existing profile, open the profile for Microsoft Outlook 2007 in the profiler. From the Edit menu, choose Add New Target and use the wizard to add a target for the Windows Server 2008 operating system.

Then open the XenApp Delivery Services Console and publish the Outlook application for streaming to desktops or to servers.

For details about installing the profiler, creating profiles, and publishing applications for streaming, see Citrix eDocs, expand your version of XenApp, and locate “Application Streaming.”

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