How to Run a System Status Report in XenCenter and XenServer

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This article describes how to use XenCenter to collect a system status report.


Complete the following procedure:

  1. Log on to XenCenter.

  2. From the Menu bar select Tools.

  3. Click Get Server Status Report.

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  4. The following window appears:

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    Note: You can only run a status report for XenServer 4.1 or later. You cannot collect a system status report from XenServer 4.0.1 and earlier versions.

  5. Select the checkboxes for each server you wish to include in the system status report. Select a pool checkbox to select all the available servers in that pool.

  6. Select the data you would like to include in the report.

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    Note: Total Size and Total Time are indicated in the lower right corner of this screen.

  7. The system status for each server appears while the report is being compiled. 

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  8. After the status report completes, you are prompted for a location to save the file.

  9. The location selected needs to have Write permissions from the XenCenter workstation.

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  10. The files are saved to the location selected. 

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  11. You are prompted with the option to remove crash dump files on the selected servers. 
    Note: Do not remove crash dumps until you are sure they have been properly collected. This is very important when troubleshooting server crash issues. 

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Contact Citrix Technical Support for additional instructions on providing the system status report to Citrix Technical Support. 

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