SHIFT Key Fails Using RDP in a ICA Session

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The SHIFT key does not work (sporadic capitals and non-capital letters) when launching a published Microsoft RDP client (5.2.3790.1830) from the Windows 2003 operating system and using the client for Java or other non-Windows Citrix Recievers.


When the Apply Windows key combinations setting is set to On the remote computer, the RDP client hooks into the keyboard at a lower level and this doesn’t appear to interact properly with the Presentation Server’s Unicode keyboard support.

Affected Clients

Applies to all non-windows ica clients:

ICA Client for Java

ICA Client for Mac





Change the RDP client settings as follows:

1. Click Options in the Remote Desktop Connection User Interface.

2. Select the Local Resources tab.

3. Under Keyboard > Apply Windows key combinations, select On the local computer.

After doing this, the SHIFT/ALT/CTRL keys work as expected in the RDP session.

More Information

Refer to CTX104566 – [Document Not Found].

To update the RDP client, search RDP client.

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