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How to Use Secure Shell Port Forwarding to Access the Web and/or Java Configuration Interfaces

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  • Created On  Jun 08, 2006
  • Updated On  Feb 04, 2010
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This article describes how to forward connections for the Web and/or Java configuration interfaces over Secure Shell (SSH), if you have access to a NetScaler through SSH.


An SSH client that supports port forwarding; such as PuTTY


The Java clients communicate with the NetScaler over TCP port 3010 and the Web interface is accessible over port 80. Some firewall configurations do not allow connections on these ports so it is necessary to forward the connections over SSH.


    1. Configure your SSH client to forward local port 80 to localhost:80 and local port 3010 to localhost:3010 (localhost at the remote end of the connection refers to the NetScaler itself).

  • For ssh: ssh nsroot@<nsip> -L 80:localhost:80 -L 3010:localhost:3010
  • For PuTTY:

    2. Connect as normal.

    3. Browse to http://localhost and launch the Java applet(s) from there.

More Information

You can use another machine on the remote network to forward connections to the NetScaler or vice versa.

See CTX109011 – How to Secure SSH Access to the NetScaler Appliance with Public Key Authentication

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