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Archive: Troubleshooting the Citrix XTE Service and Errors: There is no route to the specified address ... Protocol Driver Error

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  • Created On  Jun 01, 2005
  • Updated On  Apr 19, 2013
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This article is no longer maintained, its content refers to a discontinued product and may be out of date. Refer to the Discontinued Product Lifecycle or Active Citrix Product pages for more information on support schedules.


When attempting to log on, the following error message is received:

“Cannot connect to the Citrix MetaFrame Server. There is no route to the specified subnet address.”

- Or -

"Cannot connect to the Citrix MetaFrame server.
Protocol Driver Error"


The port used by Session Reliability (default port 2598) is not responding.

CTX104147 – Explaining ICA Session Reliability, Common Gateway Protocol, on TCP Port 2598.


  1. Verify that the Session Reliability port is reachable.
    This port is set in the Management Console by default as port 2598 and is configurable. Use the command line utility, Telnet /?.
  2. Ensure that the port used by Session Reliability is not being shared by any other service, such as ICA, XML, IIS, or SQL. Use the command line utility, Netstat /?.
  3. Ensure that there are no Citrix Licensing issues or Product Code mismatches.
  4. Ensure that the configuration file, httpd.conf, exists under the Citrix\XTE\conf folder.
  5. Copy C:\Program Files\Citrix\XTE\logs\ from a properly functioning server.
    : When the XTE service is stopped, the file disappears. If permissions on the directory have been restricted, then it is possible that the XTE service will not start as it cannot create the pid file. This file essentially only holds the process ID of the XTE service.
  6. Ensure the Citrix XTE service is started.
    If the Citrix XTE service is started, Citrix may advise that the ICA listener be deleted, the system rebooted, and the listener recreated.
  7. As a test, add the account for the XTE service from Network Service to Local System or change the account for the service to Local System. Check permissions on the C:\Program Files\Citrix\XTE directory; make sure that the Network service account has full rights.
    Users were unable to launch published applications w the Session Reliability feature was enabled and an option other than All network adapters with this protocol was configured for the ICA protocol in the Citrix Connection Configuration utility.

This fix introduces support for session reliability even if you limit a protocol to a particular network adapter.

To enable this functionality complete the following steps:

    1. Open the file httpd.conf, located in the Program Files\Citrix\Xte\conf folder, in a text editor.
    2. Add the following below the line #Citrix_End:
      CgpSpecifiedIcaLocalAddress <server IP address, for example,>
    3. Save the changes.
    4. Restart the server.

If this functionality is enabled, assign a static IP to the server or, if DHCP is used, create a script to automatically update the IP address of CgpSpecifiedIcaLocalAddress in the httpd.conf file. If the IP address of CgpSpecifiedIcaLocalAddress does not match the actual IP address of the server, you will receive an error stating that there is no path to the specified subnet address.

Note: For Citrix XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2003 and Citrix XenApp 6 for Windows Server 2008 R2, after completing the above steps, add “Allow To” entry in the httpd.conf file as follows:

    1. Open the file httpd.conf, located in the Program Files\Citrix\Xte\conf folder, in a text editor.
    2. Inside the #Citrix_Begin and #Citrix_End, add the following below the line “Allow To”:
      Allow To <server IP address, for example,>:<Port, for example 1494>
    3. Save and exit the file.
    4. Restart the XTE Service.

Note: If either IMA service is restarted or the server is rebooted, repeat the above steps).

[From Hotfix MPSE300W2KR02][#99885] CTX105586 - [Document Not Found]

1. CTX105568 – [Document Not Found].

2. Server might have some other service listening on port 443; XTE will check 443 on startup and if this port is in use it will not start. (regardless if SSL relay is configured or not).

3. CTX107902 – Session Reliability and Maximum Number of Connections.

4. CTX107659 – [Document Not Found].

5. CTX108439 - How to Disable Session Reliability through Web Interface.

6. The implementation of the Session Reliability feature in Presentation Server 4.0 requires its service account (on Windows 2003, Network Service by default) to have read access to the root folder of the drive where Presentation Server is installed. This fix removes the requirement.
[From PSE400R01W2K3067][#133482]

More Information

For error: "Cannot connect to the Citrix MetaFrame Server: The Citrix MetaFrame Server you have selected is not accepting connections", see CTX107492 – [Document Not Found].

CTX105793 – Error: Cannot connect to the Citrix server. Protocol Driver Error

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